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"Creating a legacy of brands that make individuals live and express themselves unapologetically. Continuing to think outside the box while creating visionary clothing that are exciting, intriguing, and bold."

Our Vision


"CDJapparel LLC is an apparel company committed to becoming a platform for brand designers. We look to limit entrepreneurial risk while providing a foundation of brand ambassadors for zealous customers. we provide the ability of custom designs, embroideries, supplying product material, and a marketing platform on CDJapparels website"

SixTnine Brand

“SWOOSH! The Sound of the ball going through the net as the score is 69-63, I’m on the free throw line with one shot left to put us up one more point and the crowd chants “Miss the free throw” and the bench looks at me as if they wanted me to miss it, because no number was greater than 69 in their eyes.So I did, the crowd went crazy and the birth of the SixTnine brand began.”


The bold, stimulating, and distinct SixTnine brand not only lays the foundation for CDJapparel, but also creates the precedent for it as well. SixTNine as a brand is innately provocative, but on a deeper level the numerology description of it represents family, health, and harmony. These are ideals we wholeheartedly support. We are also flipping the innuendo behind 69 and making it something more positive. We are doing so by saying it puts our supporters in the "6est 9osition to succeed in life". For instance, athletes, artists, engineers, doctors, entrepreneurs, and anyone striving to become successful in their field is what this brand represents. Success is earned not giving, and we are working towards giving you a brand you can wear to help support you in your journey towards success!

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